Director’s Brief: Ideas from London’s Idea Stores

For my Director’s Brief, I wanted to prepare something that would fulfill Comp O, but also fold together the themes I have been working with this semester, including community engagement and localized in-the-community outreach. I used London’s Idea Stores as inspiration for the post-pandemic branding and outreach of a fictional public library in Pleasant Hill, CA and called it Operation Pivot, a nod to the word of 2020. My objective states that: “Blueberry Public Library will model its post-pandemic rebranding and outreach on London’s Idea Stores concept, taking the most valued features of the Idea Stores, and putting them into place in our library where possible. Our post-pandemic mobile outreach pop-up services will be modeled after the Idea Store ‘Local’ concept.”

See the full report here:

Below is the Executive Summary infographic.