Hello INFO 287

Hi everyone! I wanted to say hello “in person” above and I thought I’d leave in all my stumbles in an effort to be real and vulnerable and fully human. My official bio is below, shamelessly lifted from the ABOUT page of my personal blog: www.itscomplicatedlife.com.

If I were to subtitle my blog for INFO 287 it would be: Connecting people to information, ideas & each other. I hereby declare that my INFO 287 TAG!

I so look forward to learning FROM and WITH all of you this semester!

Julie McPherson is a writer and editor, who spends her days raising her son, a 6th generation Californian, in the pleasant and hilly Bay Area city, Pleasant Hill. She received her MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Sarah Lawrence College and is currently pursuing her MLIS at San Jose State University’s iSchool. Most recently Julie interned at the San Francisco Public Library’s Jail and Reentry Services Reference by Mail program where she package answers to reference queries into beautiful information artifacts for people who are incarcerated. She also supported the Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library through her writing by infusing her personal narrative with universal truths about the transformative power of libraries in a blog called The Vertical File. An article about her blog can be seen here. Her essay, The Transformative Transforms, was featured as one of the first posts in Real Stories on the ALA’s Libraries Transform website.

4 thoughts on “Hello INFO 287”

  1. Hi Julie,

    Congratulations on finishing up your MLIS! It is an achievement you can be proud of and one to inspire your son in his education as well!

    Good luck and I look forward to working with you.


  2. Hi Julie,
    So many congrats, on finishing up your MLIS as well as having a featured post on ALA’s Transform website. I also really appreciated that you acknowledged that Pleasant Hill is both pleasant and hilly. Here’s to looking forward to a fantastic semester!

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