Other writings at “Info for free by Julie McP”

I’m currently embarking on my MLIS at San Jose State’s School of Information, or iSchool as we call it. Over the past year I’ve collected some pieces on my student blog. Take a look here: https://ischoolblogs.sjsu.edu/info/juliemcp/ especially if you’re into LEGOs.


The above photo is a LEGO representation of my state of exhaustion, in our tri-level town home, after my first semester at iSchool, during which I studied the LEGO information community. I loved my research but only got through the semester because my son’s babysitter moved back to town temporarily and stayed long enough for my semester to wrap up. She actually left town the day after my last class. After the usual summer dearth of childcare and Mom time, I am happy to report now that my son is in kindergarten for almost 20 hours a week, I have plenty of bandwidth for iSchool and life. I even have time to run his PE class every Wednesday. That will look amazing on the old resume! Julie McP, head of B-1 PE. ❤

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